A Natural Weathered Mid Century Modern Dresser

A Natural Weathered Mid Century Modern Dresser

Maybe it’s because we are in the midst of winter and it’s been frigid here in WI or maybe it’s because I recently visited southern California. I’m sure it’s a combination of both, but this dresser design happened out of a strong desire for spring to come and having a breadth of fresh air. I’ve been wanting to lighten everything up lately, heavy dark tones feel like they’re weighing on me. Winter bogs me down, having to put on layer after layer of clothing, wearing heavy boots and a jackets, scarves, mittens….I get tired of it all real quick and I can’t wait for the day when everything starts melting, things start sprouting, windows opened to freshen up that stale air in the house. Cannot wait.

So, I believe this dresser happened because I want to be released from winter’s mighty grip. The mid century modern lines are always sleek, the drawers were easily refreshed with a reactive stain that weathers the wood to a slightly grayish but still warm tone, and then the linen painted body  combined with natural legs….it all came together beautifully and it feels very refreshing.

Here is the lovely one, ready to go home anytime!









Available now, here.

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