Hi, my name is Krizia!

I love to paint and restore vintage furniture! I find all the work that goes into it, the search for it, the staging and photographing is all strangely appealing and pretty rewarding even when I’m covered in dust head to toe wearing a giant respirator or lugging a Uhaul trailer around Wisconsin and Illinois trying to score some awesome pieces.

Recently, I’ve moved into my very own workshop shared with two other fabulous girls. We all do our own thing, but it’s super fun to bounce ideas off of one another and collaborate.

Now that I’m in the shop, I can accept much LARGER pieces…so bring me all the hutches!! I love to help people redesign their furniture and now there’s plenty of space I can really get down to business! Contact me with your questions, send me photos of your furniture and what you’d like them to look like when finished. We’ll work out a plan together and you can have a brand spanking new vintage piece back at your home in no time!

Check out my Etsy page for current inventory too!



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