The Mountain Dresser: Before + After

The Mountain Dresser: Before + After

This dresser and it’s upright match were really difficult for me to figure out. They are great dressers, solid wood, hefty and made by Harmony House, but there was something about the angled lines on the drawer faces, the knobs and pulls, and it’s boxiness that was really throwing me off.

I attempted to paint the upright dresser and I had great intentions, but it was a big flop. All of those reasons I mentioned were still making me crazy. This was my inspiration picture for both dresser:



I fell in love with that cobalt blue with the terra cotta and the greenery. I wanted to re-create that vibe, but I’ll admit that I had it all wrong.

Since I began on the upright dresser I’ll show you how that one looked.  I planned on doing the same thing to the low one (now the mountain dresser) for a matching set. I chose a blue that I thought would be perfect but it was too dark and made the whole piece heavy and it was unattractive.



I hate showing ugly pictures!! But you can see, the color was way too dark and the knob situation was horrible. The wood knobs weren’t giving me that Spanish vibe I was going for.  I couldn’t decide what to do about the pulls on the bottom drawers either . The lines on the drawers were etched into the wood and I thought maybe highlighting them with gold or white would be a good choice.





The gold was way too much, the white line at the bottom was not the look I was going for at all and the new knobs still weren’t working! Literally about to pull my hair out. So I pushed both dressers aside and left them there for a long time while I moved on with other projects.

Here is the before shot of the low dresser:

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 12.46.51 PM

Blonde finishes are not my fave and you can see this dresser’s finish hasn’t fared very well.

After I returned from a trip to Big Sur to drive the PCH, it totally dawned on me. Those angled lines had to go! I filled them all with wood filler so that the drawers were all perfectly flat. I ditched the original hardware and was left with a blank canvas.  I felt so relieved.

Inspired by the intense sunsets, the mountains and the ocean from my trip, I painted a geometric representation of those 3 things choosing a blue palette rather than the actual green of the mountains. Now the dresser is completely transformed…it’s happy, it’s perky and best of all it’s inspired by nature.  It would be superb in a kids room.

Here are the after shots of this once worn down dresser that now only makes me smile:






And here is Cire making my dresser look all cute!! She told me I should be in the shots with my pieces and demonstrated how I could stand with them, turns out she was really perfect for the job. Thanks girl!! (Cire makes beautiful brass jewels here in Madison, check out her lovely pieces HERE. She was made to model…just sayin’





Love this dresser now! It’s for sale for $425 (tax included) in Madison, WI. Shipping is available.

Dimensions: 50″w, 18″d, 31″h

Purchase HERE!











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  1. I love how you took your inspiration and transferred it to this dresser. It is really a great piece! I would love it if you would link it up to our #FridaysFurnitureFix link party, live now! Thanks 🙂

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